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I have osteoarthritis in both hips and have a lot of discomfort in bed at night. I have a good pocket sprung mattress and also have a topper on top of that but still have trouble.I hurt if I lie on my back and hurt if I lie on either hip and cant lie on my stomach because of heart problems.Pain killers upset my stomach so I try not to take to many .Are there any really deep toppers out there which may help.Any advice would be gratefully accepted.



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    Sorry to hear you are struggling with this.

    I haven't got a mattress topper so can't help with that I'm afraid. When we changed our bed, we got a medium/firm orthopaedic mattress and we spent quite a lot of money on this. I was told the more springs in a mattress the better and when trying them out see if the side of the mattress collapses when you sit on the edge. This is apparently a bad sign.

    I sleep slightly propped up on a "v" pillow as I get acid reflux. I did get a mattress tilter - a foam wedge that is meant to go under the mattress to tilt it but we were concerned about the mattress's warranty being breached by this being used, so I'll be selling it to try and get some of my money back on it.

    Can you ask friends and family who have mattress toppers if you could have a 20 minute lay down on their bed? It may give you an idea.

    Good luck with this, I hope you manage to find something suitable.

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    I don't use a mattress topper but I pad myself with lots of pillows instead -It might be worth a try -I hope you find a solution soon x
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    Toppers can be expensive and, if sharing a bed, not to the other person's taste. An alternative is a folded duvet (a high tog version so it has some decent stuffing) which will both soften and insulate. I am a side-sleeper and always have a pillow between my legs to lift the upper hip and to protect my lower knee and ankle joints from the upper. Over my arthritic years I have trained myself not to focus on my pain but that is easier during daylight hours. :wink: DD
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    You say you have a good mattress but I wonder how old it is. They now reckon 10 years maximum for a mattress. I have a mattress that is about ¾ sprung and ¼ memory foam and would now have no other but much is a matter of personal taste and comfort and experimentation.

    I would, on this occasion, differ with Graceb as the term 'orthopaedic' has no actual meaning in relation to beds. The sleep council has some free advice. Try here http://www.sleepcouncil.org.uk/bed-advice/look-after-your-back-choose-the-right-bed/

    Maybe you could ask your GP about some night time pain relief and a stomach-protecting med to go with it.
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    I also have pain in both hips. In travelling around the country using different beds, I find that those with lots of softness over the springs (like my one at home) suit me much better than hard ones.
    I find memory foam toppers, which are popular at the moment, are not comfortable as they conform to your shape but have to do the job again when you change position so causing discomfort.
    I am fortunate that my bed at home is soft enough, so I have bought a duck feather and down single mattress topper for when I travel anywhere by car. The one I bought was not expensive, about £30 from Amazon and does for the few odd nights I am away from home. It stays in place even on a double bed. But if I was buying for constant use I would get a thicker, better quality down one so that the feathers can't be felt through the cover ( OK usually when covered by a sheet) and so that it doesn't flatten so quickly.

    When I fly and can't take it with me, I always ask for an extra quilt and put it under the bottom sheet.

    Hope that helps.

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    I've got a mattress that's like Sticky's. It's 3/4 sprung and 1/4 memory foam because a full memory foam mattress was completely unaffordable. I have since got a memory foam topper as well and my bed is so comfy, it's heavenly. I get very cold at night but I have heard some reports that memory foam can make you hot and sweaty. I've heard someone suggest that you put a thin duvet on top of the mattress, so under the bed sheet. Again, if getting hot in the night is an issue, that would be great. Also, I'm not convinced that it would be very comfortable like that.