It's not the difficulties....

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..... It's how you face them.

Scene – radiology. Characters – a very old couple, she with a stick but quite sprightly: he without a stick but very wobbly and his face locked in concentration for every shuffling step.

She was trying and failing to open the door of the Gents for him. Finally, the receptionist noticed them and suggested “Pull, don't push.”

His face lit up as he turned fractionally and smiled “She starts the training course next week.”

Oh bless 'em!
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    What a lovely thing to witness and I agree that a touch of humour can brighten everything. One of my favourite greetings cards has a similar theme: a spotty youth pushing with all his might at a door to open it whilst it's clearly marked 'PULL' and the sign above is 'School for the Gifted'.

    Sometimes it's far too easy to ignore the obvious. DD (her of the dirty bird bath)
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    A lovely tale!!
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    How sweet.
    Is this the "dirty bird bath "in the garden or ! Mig
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    Lovely indeed!
    Hey little fighter, things will get brighter
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    Awwwwww :D:D:D xx
    Smile a while and while you smile
    smile another smile and soon there
    will be miles and miles of smiles
    just because you smiled I wish your
    day is full of Smiles
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    That's lovely. :) In my town, there is a fantastic older people who I often see out and about. I don't know if this is a regular occurrence but I once observed them racing their mobility scooters down a side street shouting "weeee!". :D