The downsides of knee surgery

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Downsides of knee surgery 'may outweigh benefits for older patients'

New research has called into question the benefits of knee surgery for middle-aged or older patients with knee pain and degenerative disease.

From Arthritis Research UK:

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    Ah, not so much 'knee surgery' as arthroscopy. I think many surgeons, for some time, have refused to perform them on the grounds that they're rarely of value though I do have a friend (aged 72) who had a successful one a couple of years ago and is now back to long walks.
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    Yes it's the arthroscopies.

    they should do the same study of THRs etc as the headline could be a bit misleading couldn't it?

    I can imagine my own MIL saying "There you go I won't have it done now"

    Thanks for this info though it's interesting reading

    Toni xx