The strange questions asked by doctors.

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In the middle of asking some questions about what triggers the nerve pain in my lower legs; "does it bother you when running?" Running??!! Seriously? :lol: It tickled me so much that I'm still smiling when thinking about it a whole day later. :D (For those who don't know, I hobble around with a pronounced limp and I use at least one crutch all the time!)


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    Running???? Only in our dreams!!

    There was a doctor at the ante-natal clinic who always greeted me with a 'hop up on the bed, please,' even just before the birth.
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    Thank you, Sophie. I now have a wonderful image of you and your crutch assisted 'limp-running', a bit like an occasional mini pole vault :lol:
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    I think that shows just how much they go onto auto-pilot when working their way through symptoms or cause-and-effect. Some would take offence so good for you for seeing the funny side! I like to think that if I was asked such a question I would be on -he-ball enough to retort with 'No, I achieved a PB in my last marathon.' but I know I wouldn't. :oops: DD
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    No offence was taken at all. I think it helps that he is the most attractive human being that I've ever laid eyes on. :D I don't often enjoy my hospital visits as much! To be fair, he has a specialist interest in sporting injuries, so I can see why he asked. I also mentioned that I use the gym but I think his version of exercise and my version is somewhat different!

    P.S. No pole vaulting today. Maybe the long jump?!
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    Bless his optimism. At least he was forgivable pretty.
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    Running? If only!