Play Arthritis Bingo!

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Let's liven up a boring Tuesday. Tick off as heard. The first to tick off all boxes will receive a voucher entitling them to a free bungee jump, sky dive or wing walking at a venue of their choice.

1. My granny / neighbour had arthritis. She cured herself with Cider Vinegar / Green Lipped Mussels / a copper bracelet / celery / tripe. Why don't you?

2. I thought only old people got arthritis.

3. You seemed OK yesterday.

4. Does it hurt?

5. Why don't you get a new hip / knee / ankle?

6. Are you still tired?

7. Why don't you see the doctor?

8. I know just how you feel.

9. You used to enjoy parties.

10. Can I borrow your wheelchair for my holiday?


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    I can get nine out of that lot - being lucky enough to not have a wheelchair helps.

    Could we add the following?

    I thought only old people got arthritis/ you're too young to have arthritis

    Have you tried visualisations to help manage the pain?

    Are you in pain now?
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    Great list!

    Another suggestion.
    I have arthritis but I don't take anything as I don't like taking painkillers.
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    Oh, oh (putting hand up like a child) ... what was it my brother said to me yesterday after I told him about how I was feeling; with weak and painful arms after mowing and strimming the lawn?:

    'I am sure you do, being out of fettle is such a bummer.' :?

    'out of fettle' indeed! If he lived closer, I'd give him 'out of fettle'!! :x
  • juliep123
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    How about "I've got a touch of that" , said to me regularly
    Julie x
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    Here's a couple more.

    I used to have RA in my neck but it cleared up so yours might.

    Well we all get that when we get older (said of RA).
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    Spot on Peeps! Have heard all these at some point (apart from the RA one, as I have OA.

  • dreamdaisy
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    I hear this on regular basis during the summer, when the face and forearms are a lovely shade of brown due to the Vit.D top-up sessions in the garden.

    'You're looking well, has the arthritis cleared up?' asked when I'm using the rollator or propped up on crutches.

    It makes me wonder how I look during the pasty months of the year! DD
  • stickywicket
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    Great contributions, everyone.

    I seem to have it a raw nerve – or several.

    Yes, we get the lot, don't we?
  • sunnysideup
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    Definitely heard quite a few of those!

    Also what about the comments about 'things' eg
    'Oh what amazing scissors, I've never seen any like those before'
    'They're my arthritis scissors'.
    'Oh - great. I could do with some of those'

    (No - actually you don't need them! Patronising!)
  • Starburst
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    "Rheumatoid Arthritis? Oh I've got a little bit of that in my knee."

    "You're so lucky not having to worry about parking!" :x :x
  • sunnysideup
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    Went out last night and mentioned I was having a flare-up in hands and feet. Remarks:
    'Oh are you still having that?'
    'I have a bit of that sometimes.'
    'I suppose you've seen a doctor?'
    'Have you tried medication - such as cod liver oil?'

    I know people said these things kindly but I thought about this thread on the forum and suddenly realised that I was feeling guilty for having a flare-up! Why?
  • stickywicket
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    Because the expectation is that you will get better and you are disappointing them by remaining, stubbornly, arthritic :wink:
  • applerose
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    Wonder if fake tan will cure arthritis as well as real tan DD.

    What a stubborn lot we are, Sticky. Probably all keeping our arthritis just to annoy others.
  • ImGazhughes
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    Ha ha, 2,3,4 and 6 are a definite for me the amount of times i heard only old people get that. What about stop moaning, think about people who have lost there legs. My answer to thst was always, sometimes it feels like loosing my leg is a better option than the pain a feel everyday, as sad as that sounds. Some ppl just dont get it, chronic pain goes so unrecognised it isnt given enough recognition as to just how life changing it can be.....thanks for making me smile though....