Hi Back at last!!

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Hi Guys & Girls! Sorry not been around for a couple of weeks I've had no broadband as our B.T Hub died on us! I won't go into too much detail but B.T treated me unbelievably bad and once I've calmed down will get a major complaint!
It's taken 2 weeks and being lucky my friends son works for management at B.T London to get a new Hub 5 being delivered after being sent the wrong hub that came a week after being it said it would after cock up at the B.T Indian call centre!! But (deep breath) we're back up and running!!

Back seems to be on the mend it's still pretty tender to touch but last night was the 1st time I slept not sitting up!
Anyway I'm glad to be back at AC with my friends!! :)


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    Hello bubbadog. I'm glad that both the back and the BT problems are decreasing. I think we all hate sleeping on our backs. Not having to do so should be a big plus :)
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