Sprained ankle

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It's iver 4 weeks since I sprained my ankle :-( it's still swollen n painful went to gp who's refered me to physio. ( going next Thursday) what do you think the chances of arthritis setting into that joint somewhere along the lines ?

It worries me that it isn't settling !! X


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    OA can result in a joint after trauma but whether a sprain is enough of a trigger is one of the many great unknowns of life. I broke my upper left humerus in January 2014, it took far longer to heal than the norm (probably thanks to the immune-suppressant meds for my PsA) and it now twinges in a very familiar manner when the weather is cold or damp. Hey-ho.

    Healing takes longer the older we are and with ankles, well, we can't avoid walking on them which will inhibit the process. Rest it and ice it (if its hot) whenever you can and I hope physio helps. DD
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