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I've recently been for my first MRI ( scary) on my pelvis & spine !

Consultant has wrote to me today saying there is signs of inflammation in my pelvis but this isn't active. However there is wear and tear damage to my spine and several disc bulges which are pressing on my nerves ? And this is causing the pain! There isn't a operation available but there is an injection they can do!, consultant is contacting the gp to refer me to a pain team to carry this out!

So I don't know what disc bulges mean ? I assume the damage has been caused by arthritis ? And am I right thinking its a cortisone injection they'll do ?

Sorry for all the questions xx

Thanks in advance x Lynne xxx


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    Bulging discs can happen to anyone but if you have signs of OA in the spine then it's double trouble. We're not docs so cannot speculate as to the whys and wherefores and treatment, maybe making an appointment with your GP to discuss this would be a good way to go as he will know your circumstances better than us. Steroid injections are the usual approach, sometimes they work, sometimes they don't but they have to be limited in their use. I hope it can be done soon and that it helps. DD
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    Often bulges and arthritis go together. When the discs bulge or prolapse the facet joint becomes less stable and so there is unusual motion which can lead to the arthritis.
    As a side note I keep hearing that there is no operation for spinal arthritis but I have been fused for it and am so much better. It depends on getting to see the right surgeon. It also depends how bad it is.
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    Once again ...the usual....we are not doctors but just a laymans suggestion......could be a facet joint injection??
    Just a possibility.....they work for some and not for others {like everything else} :?

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    I am well aware we aren't doctors just wanted support and sounding people out.

    I'm not sure about infection just reporting the findings from the MRI ! - my next consultant app is 15th July so hopefully will get some more answers then ! X

    I have unspecified aero negative arthritis! I have always had issues with my lower back which in turn causes numbness in my arms and legs, shooting pains etc ! I waddle when I walk ! Struggle to sleep, painful when sitting etc, meds not really touching it :-(

    I am assuming it's all connected I just know I can't carry on the way I am :-
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    I'm sorry you are struggling. Yes MRIs can be scary. I've had several and I still dread them, especially when I know I have to go all the way in.

    If I were in your shoes I'd try and get some support from my GP. At the very least s/he should be able to offer some practical suggestions and perhaps interpret the medical language that consultants seem to use when in reality we need the information in plain English so we know what's what.

    Being someone who has had bi-lateral facet joint injections (and also an injection into a spinal nerve) I now say to anyone I know having these done to make sure they have sedation if it's offered. I didn't - I won't make that mistake again if I have to have a nerve injected in the future.

    I hope you get this sorted soon.

    Take care,
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    I plan on asking to be put under ! I detest needles with a passion :-( I'm
    Soooo not the right person to be having 3 monthly bloods done :-(