Hospital appt news and one step back!

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Went and saw the consultant about my bunion on my left foot yesterday, It was another consultant who was on with my usual consultant and he took another x-ray and showed it to me. I was surprised what he showed me, I have an arch of bone missing on the metatarsal which he thinks could be related to when I broke a few years ago. And he was very shocked at the state of the foot from the Osteoporosis. He has decided it's time to remove the bunion! The operation will be in either September or October.
And unfortunately I've had to go back to sleeping sitting up for the time being. I turned on to my back from my side during the night on Wednesday and it was like someone shoving a hot poker up my spine and I nearly had to hit the Oro-morph, I also found sitting in my wheelchair yesterday very uncomfortable at the hospital. So when I go out next I must remember to take a cushion.
Today is a hard day it's my Dad's funeral this afternoon and I'm finding it hard that I can't go. I've done my part by sorting the music and buying the flowers for on the coffin. I can't go because my sister can't fit my wheelchair in her car and my OH has a rush job that needs to be finished today. I will be thinking of him when the funeral is happening.


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    I know, from what you have said previously, that you and your father were not close so I think you did well to buy the flowers and sort out the music. I hope the day was not too difficult for you.

    I'm sorry about the setback re sleeping.

    I hope removing the bunion will make your foot more comfortable.
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