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Hi everyone,

I'm 32 and 2 years ago I was dignosed with Psoriatic arthritis.

I am mum to 3 children and at the mo I'm struggling :cry:
I have been on methatrxate for about 12 months and have just started on Enbrel.

I shall be reading posts and hope to pick up tips/advice to help make day to day a little easier for a while. :D

Thank you.


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    Hello Sammie
    Welcome to the forums. I hope you find all you want on here. This is a friendly site and you will be made very welcome

    I am one of the moderators of this forum and if you need anything technical or other things you dont understand just pm us.

    CK Moderator
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    Hi Sammie
    Welcome, and sorry you had to find us as we say! It tends to be quiet on the forum at weekends. If you have questions post on Living with arthritis as more people look at that. You will find a lot of support and sympathy from folks who know what you are facing because they've been there, done that, got the Tshirt!
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    Hi Sammie
    Welcome to the forums. I'm sorry I cant help wit meds or anything. I have osteoarthritis
    As Daffy says if you post any questions on Living with arthritis forum you are more likely to get replies :wink:
    We are quiet opver the weekends.
    Hope to see you on the boards
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    Hello, it's nice to meet you but I am sorry you have had to find us. I began my PsA aged 37 back in 1997, now I have other troubles thanks to a very late diagnosis. I took Enbrel a few years ago, it didn't do much for me but I know it is very effective for some on here and I hope you will be included in that number. :) I currently take injected meth, injected humira and tablet sulphasalazine, as a result my skin is relatively clear and the PsA is well-controlled which, for me, is as good as it gets. I am deliberately childless so cannot help on the domestic front but it must be a huge struggle for you. We have some other young mums on here but they tend to be busy people and may not post as much as us oldies. Most people look in on the Living with Arthritis board on here, that's is where you'll find discussions about the meds, appointments, side effects etc. so feel free to join in; new voices are always welcome! DD
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    Hi there, Sammie. I'm not surprised you're struggling. I certainly did when my two were little. Their energy levels alone are exhausting, aren't they and, of course, when they're very little, they don't make allowances for your arthritis: they just take advantage of it. I hope the enbrel works well for you. Have you tried reading our 'Ideas to make life easier' thread near the top of the Living With Arthritis forum?
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    Thank you everyone who has replied, you have made me feel very welcome.

    I am slowly making my way through the living with arthritis posts.

    I am just so fed up of feeling so 'yuk' all the time. I'm trying my best I carry on as normal but it's not easy. My youngest is 3 and I feel so guilty sometimes and so upset that i feel so ill and that I can't do the things she wants me to do.

    Sorry about the moan


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    Sammie, please try not to be upset about what you can't do with your children. I know we all have lots of preconceived ideas about how to be a good parent but all they really need is our love and attention. We don't have to be scrambling about on the floor with them or playing footie in the garden.

    When my two were three we did a lot of snuggling and reading. When my grandson was three he quickly learned to bring his toys to me so that we could play together and / or I could chat to him while he played with his Thomas the Tank Engine train set, admire the speed, agree which were the fastest and slowest engines and help him to make tunnels out of old cardboard rolls, which he loved.

    There's always a way and the alternate ways are sometimes the best ones.