Equality act and DDA

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Ho all havent posted anything for a while i am now on MTX injections and doung great, however i am something of a loss....are we covered by the equalities act and DDA ? As there are changes coming here at work that ate going to seriously effect my ability to continue in my current roll, i just need some facts before i put pen to paper.

Thank you
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    Whether you are covered by the DDA/equality act depends not on your diagnosis or meds but the degree to which you have "significant and long term difficulties " with everyday activities. There is a very useful and easy to understand guide available if you google DDA. It is a wide definition and whether you are covered is about the impact on your daily activities which makes sense if you think about it, for example many people who have hip/knee replacements, such as my late Father, do not have any significant difficulties post surgery and so would not be covered.

    I would suggest contacting your companies Occupational health department and seeking an assessment. If they feel you are covered they will put it in your report. It might also be contacting your union if you have one.
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