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Hi there, I have psoriatic Arthritis, OA and Lupus. Orthopaedic Surgery has confirmed I need two new knees and hips but at 41 I am told I am too young.
About 3 years ago Hospital "A" also did Xrays on my hands and feet and told me I had early onset arthritis in all of them, particularly right hand and left foot.
I have had terrible pain and difficulty walking due to the left foot in particular for over 6 months now. My GP has just sent me to Physio and arranged an Xray last week at Hospital "B". The physio says planter fascia and arthritis. The Radiologist at Hospital "B" has reported back this week saying no signs of any arthritis whatsoever, or any changes to bones at all (totally different to Xray results at Hospital "A" three years ago).
How can Xray results taken 3 years ago show Arthritis but now a different hospital say no sign? I am getting really depressed with all the different diagnosis. Any advice you can give?


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    Ask your GP for an MRI on your ankle. I was told by my ankle consultant recently that "ankles don't show up very well on x-rays and that's why I need you to have an MRI". My MRI showed in full - and graphic detail - where the damage is in my ankle.

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    Many thanks for that information GraceB I will tackle the GP about it.
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    Hi VictoriaLouisa

    Many thanks for your post, it sounds as if you have a lot going on. I’m sorry to hear about the conflicting diagnosis that you seem to have been given, and understand your feeling depressed, it sounds really confusing.

    Can you discuss your concerns over diagnosis with your GP, explaining that you need to get to the bottom of this? You have a response from Grace that may be helpful to you.

    I wonder if you would like to repost this to our ‘living with arthritis’ forum, here you will get far more responses as well as support:

    If you would like to talk to us, please give us a ring on our Freephone Helplines: 0808 800 4050 (weekdays 10-4), here we can take the time to talk about any worries or concerns you may have, informally and in confidence.

    Best wishes

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