Oh no flare up!

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Hi guys! Just dropping in to say I started with a flare up on Sunday what with everything else to deal with including needing to get my monthly bloods done, need my yearly eye test to be done, need to have a steroid injection because this flare up is causing a pig of a pain in my left shoulder and now found part of my filling has come out!! So lately it never rains but it pours for me. So that's what has been happening with me! Hope you guys are doing better. :(


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    (((((((((((((((( )))))))))))))))))))) hugs, hope stuff improves soon.

    Deb xxx
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    Oh, Bubba! You are having a tough time at the moment. I hope this passes soon and you feel better. xxxx ((()))
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    Oh dear Bubba you are not having it very good at the moment, I am keeping fingers crossed that things settle down for you soon ((((())))) xx
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    So sorry to hear that. Hope things settle down for you soon.
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    Oh bubba ..you are going through it, I hope the flare beggers off very soon, then you can concentrate on the bloods and the tooth..((()))
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    xxxxxxxxxxx In the middle of a flare up too. Best wishes to you. Good luck. x