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Saw a visiting GP at my practice last Tues for a medication review and mentioned I was feeling a bit low. The pain has been so bad these last few weeks. Had a steroid in my neck which lasted a week (what bliss that was). Rang spinal consultant's secretary to try and speed up my follow-up but she wants to leave it for four months to get the full picture which is fair enough.

Anyway this new GP suggested the Pain clinic which I am very pleased about. Tried to get a referral there a few years ago when I spent weeks at a time lying on the bed on one side as my hip was profoundly swollen and GP never referred me. Anyway this one has and hopefully i will get some coping strategies.

In Sept/Oct I am seeing the rheumatogist, neck surgeon, shoulder surgeon and pain consultant - hopefully between the four of them they can come up with something so make life a bit easier. It would be even better if they would talk to each other but that doesn't seem to happen here but hey ho at least I have lots of folk trying to get to the root of the problem now.

Pain has been easier the last few days although I have a really nasty mouth ulcer - everytime the pain flares i seem to get them. I guess the pain pulls me down and up they pop!

Hope eveyone else is doing okay. x


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    I hope the Pain Clinic, plus all the other appointments, will help. I've never been to one.

    Is your rheumatologist aware you get a lot of mouth ulcers? You should mention it as your meds might need tweaking. Do you have any tooth problems that might cause them? And, has your rheumatologist ever suggested you stopped the DMARDS when you have an ulcer? Don't try it without asking first but it does give the immune system a fighting chance at getting rid of them quicker.

    Have you tried Arthritis Care's Pathway Through Arthritis programme. (Just google it.) You might find it helpful.
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    Oh dear, life sounds challenging. I hope all the appointments put you on the road to a better quality of life,

    Deb xx
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    I hope the Pain Clinic will prove beneficial to you - I`ve never been to one, so can`t advise.

    Hope the mouth ulcer clears up soon - horrible, nasty things.
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    Hello ray
    the pain clinics differ depending on were you live, I found ours to be a big help in the early days..and I still see them from time to time.
    I do wish you well with the appointments. Will have everything crossed that they are a good help to you..just a thought have you seen the pain management courses that AC do.