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Been to see my consultant today and after having my subtalar fusion operation on the 5th January he has now discharged me! It's been a long slow recovery time but well worth it, am now walking without a limp and virtually no pain! I apparently have a two dimensional titanium screw in my joint, state of the art technology according to the consultant! :D Still having physio to help get the muscles and ankle joint working to its full potential again, but am one very happy bunny!


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    Congratulations, jamart, that is very good news and I hope all continues to go well; no limp and hardly any pain is certainly a result and a deserved reward. :D Good luck for the future. DD
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    Congratulations, that's wonderful news. Hope you are going to celebrate.
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    Oh good! We do love the success stories :D You have put in the hard work and are now reaping the benefits of it. Well done!
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    Well done keep up the good work xx
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    This is great news and a well deserved "reward" for all your hard work. It's been a slog for you but hopefully you're beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel now.

    Well done.

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