Trusting your hubby/partner

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I made a sticky ginger cake in a tray bake tin when it was cool cut it into three, wrapped two pieces in foil as its better if left for a couple of days,hubby was making a cuppa and said was the cake alright to have a piece yes its fine but can i trust you to cut yourself a piece ,it went very quiet in he trots with the cake plate and a knife will you do it i don't trust myself . :roll: Mig


  • tkachev
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    Mine would have just eaten the lot, no cutting required.

  • theresak
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    Mine wouldn't have asked if it was OK to have some cake - he would have just helped himself.
  • stickywicket
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    Neither of us are big cake eaters but, if one was cut into three pieces, I know what Mr SW would do.
  • barbara12
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    oh mig... :lol: like someone else said mind would ask he would just take it and the largest piece... :roll:
  • villier
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    It wouldn't bother me as I don't have a hubby I could have it all to myself yum :lol: xx
  • MickeyJoints
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    I do the baking and it's my wife for whom I need to have padlock on the tin! :lol:

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