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In being a good girl and doing my physio exercises for my troubled feet I managed to do something, around a fortnight ago, to my right knee. I had a physio appointment last week, I'm discharged from the foot point of view because things have improved (and I know how to keep that up) but she wants to see me in a month to monitor the knee. She gave me the right sized tubigrip and that is helping (it runs from thigh to mid calf) and I use it when I am doing housework or going out. I'm resisting using it in bed (believe me it's tempting) and I am doing my post-synovectomy-op exercises twice a day. The knee is nicely puffed up, hot and keeps locking. I will go for a short walk this afternoon, even if it's raining (the clouds are gathering as I type) paying proper attention to strides, knee bending, heel - toe stepping if possible because immobility isn't helping. I will take some cocos now but no more - I need the feedback from the walk, yes?

Sometimes I think it must be lovely to lead a life without physical challenges then it occurs to me to stop wasting my time on thoughts like that because it must be very dull to do whatever you want, whenever you want and with minimum (or even no) payback. :wink: DD


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    S*d's Law strikes again. Ease one thing and aggravate another :roll: The wonderfully, ever-changing world of arthritis. Boring it isn't.

    Paying proper attention to gait is a good aim but paying even more to staying upright is sometimes more necessary. I laud your aim and determination. Just go canny, young DD.

    Life without physical challenges, eh? Those who lack them seem to need to create their own. We are spared that restlessness. I'm trying hard to be grateful :wink:
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    Sorry to hear about your knee and I hope the exercises and tubigrip help.

    You did set me thinking about a life without physical challenges, it's not been that long for me since this applied to me and adjusting isn't always easy. I suppose it's about finding the best way for us of doing what needs to be done, delegating anything we can't manage, my husband changes the bed for me now, and then making the best choices about we use our valuable energy and effort on, trying to prioritise those things that give us pleasure and a positive sense of achievement.

    Problem is all too often it's not as easy to follow that through in practice.

    Hope you enjoyed your walk but please take things steady. I'm off to the physio tomorrow, what a way to start the week!
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    Sorry to hear about your knee, DD - I hope it improves soon with the help of the tubigrip.

    I sometimes think the physical challenges we face make us mentally more agile, since we have to approach so many tasks in different ways, due to our limitations.

    My week begins tomorrow with blood tests - can't think of a more joyous beginning, can you??
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    Gosh there's always something DD get one part sorted and another falls to bits :? I know the feeling. hope the tubigrip and the exercises help soon xx
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    Thank you, everyone, for your kind replies. I managed a walk around the block but I have to say it wasn't one of my better ideas. :wink: I am used to every step hurting but this little amble was more painful than most. I need to find the right balance of rest and activity, I usually get it mostly right but this situation is a little different. I made a rookie error: I wore my stretchy-but-supportive leggings rather than the tubi and a skirt. TWERP. :oops:

    I have rewarded myself with two more cocos (five hours since the last lot so well done me! :D ) Luckily, as this is Sunday, 'im Indoors is cheffing - I bought him a small present of a picnic barbecue so he's firing it up. We're hoping to eat outdoors, it's sunny and warm but very windy! Time for a cool glass of something which isn't water (had four pints today) or juice (had some earlier). DD