Once we hit 70 ….

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….even the healthy ones find themselves faced with lots of medical appointments. Our GPs are good at keeping an eye on us and often clip messages to our prescriptions. Following one such, I noticed Mr SW had 'Doc. 10am' on the calendar for this morning. I asked what it was for.

Him: Blood test.
Me: What for?
Him: Routine
Me: I didn't know you had routine blood tests.
Him: Neither did I.


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    :lol::lol: brilliant..men eh..I had to drag my OH for his find and treat bloods ..by refusing to have mine done till he went...Im still in shock that I got him there.. :shock:
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    Surgery error. Should have been a BP test :roll:
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    My dad's like that. He just goes along with anything the doc says and never questions anything.

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