Apparently I've upgraded my car...

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The renewal papers came through for my breakdown insurance this morning, and seeing the premium was about 3 times higher than last year I went looking for the reason(s). One was the rollover of a freebie from last year that is now being charged for but the main reason is that my 15 year old Daihatsu version of a Nissan Micra - 4 wheels, an engine and not a lot else -has become an AC Cobra. I'm not a petrolhead but even I know there's a bit of a difference! Fortunately the telephone call to remedy the matter was quick and civilised - and free. There was a simple explanation to do with new computer system, and registration numbers that don't come up with a recognised make/model being given a default version(which of course is more expensive....). I voiced the sexist(moi?) thought that whoever was responsible for that decision was likely not female, and we had a bit of a giggle about what could have been chosen, and I now have a sensible quote.
I do need to replace my car but that one would never be on any list, even a fantasy one.


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    Phew! Glad you got that one sorted, Petrolhead :wink:

    You have put me in mind of when, eons ago, Mr SW took his beloved Korvette camera to be repaired. The guy looked at it and said "Would you like it to be a Mamiya? (A much more expensive brand.) "Of course" said Mr SW. So the man carefully prised up the metal plate on which was written 'Korvette'. Underneath, on the camera itself, was engraved 'mamiya'.
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    Glad it is sorted for you, some people would just let the direct debit go out without checking...
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    An AC Cobra? I didn't know that Arthritis Care were also Arthritis Cars :wink: . Well done on enquiring and getting it corrected, I wonder how many others have ignored the figures and just paid up? DD
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    I didn't know that Arthritis Care were also Arthritis Cars
    Pity they're not, it would make getting my next car easier!
    Barbara, I don't do direct debit fortunately - not least because I prefer to be able to make sure I'm paying out the right money, rather than having it taken and then having to argue about it after.

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