1st week back after 2wks sickleave

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hi everyone, that's me finished my 1st week back at work(OK, its not a full week - I only work a 3day week,thank goodness).
I went in on Monday and my body felt very loose and relaxed which was lovely but when I went out at lunchtime I realised I was getting quite stiff. By evening my husband was dismayed to see me rising from my chair with difficulty and rubbing my lower back. Tues and wed were no worse but certainly no better and today I've done nothing like what I used to could do on my 1st non-work day. Not sure if my time off will restore my energy levels, I hope so but I doubt it.
That's 2and a half weeks now that I've been on mtx and so far so good although I've noticed at work that I found it harder to multi-task easily and to keep focused. I've not yet had my back-to-work interview but I've got my appraisal next week so I'll be asking about an OH referral as it was mentioned a couple of months ago and then silence. I also want to try and find out what he knows about RA and vasculitis and that he understands I'll have good days and then maybe have a few bad days. He needs to be aware it's not a situation where I'll take medicine and then get all better.

Tomorrow, me and OH are aiming to do some clothes shopping for me as I've lost quite a bit of weight and some of my clothes - shoes - are too big for me now.


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    Well done for getting through your first week. It's ridiculous really when you think that a return to work interview is meant to be done as soon as you return to work; not after you've been back a week.

    Please put your feet up for the rest of the week if at all possible. Remember, you are one person and you have one pair of hands. It will take you a while to get back into the swing of going back to work, let alone actually doing your job. You'll get there.

    I'm due to return to work next Monday after 3wks off following an ankle op. I had my return to work interview over the phone yesterday. Due to Operation Stack (please see my post on Chit Chat) there's no way I'll be able to get to the office tomorrow so my line manager did this over the phone. He's on leave next week; hence it can't wait until Monday.

    Anyway, take it easy and try to do as little as possible between now and Monday.

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    slomo wrote:
    He needs to be aware it's not a situation where I'll take medicine and then get all better.

    Oh he does :lol:

    Well done on completing your first 'week', slomo. I doubt the methotrexate is making much of a difference right now so, with luck, it will get easier though I think you'll be very lucky if you ever get back to life quite how it used to be.

    I've never found that meth made it hard for me to multi-task or stay focused but both pain and pain relief do.

    Is the shopping trip a good idea? Could you narrow down your choices - and your walking - by doing some on-line searches first so that you know where to go and needn't waste time and energy elsewhere? Just a thought.
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