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Having got my Psoriatic arthrits under control, I have been keen to start exercising and keeping my joints active - (on advice from my rheumatologist).

For the last few months I have been taking part in gentle yoga and regular swimming.

Last week my partner and I decided to go for a walk in our local park.
We walked at a comfortable pace, on flat and raised ground and ended up covering a total area of 3.6miles.
I stopped regularly and didn't feel like I pushed myself too far.

Since then, I have had a lot of stiffness in my knees, bum and the bottom of my back.

My partner (a non arthritis sufferer) had also experienced some stiffness, however whislt his has now gone, mine doesn't seem to have subsided.
I'm not in any more pain than usual, just a lot stiffer.

We both really want to repeat the walk again this weekend and keep up to improving our fitness but I'm a little worried that what I'm experiencing is a sign of having done too much and putting strain on my joints.

I felt great after the walk, and besides stiffness, still feel great now.

Any advice on exercise and arthritis? Should I keep up with the walking?

Many thanks in advance. :)


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    How lovely that your PsA is now under control and what a great idea to do your best to keep as fit and healthy as possible. Well done, you!

    Alas, we aren't docs and really can't advise on what you should or shouldn't do. My guess is that, although you've been swimming regularly, walking has exercised a few different muscles and joints hence the stiffness. In your place I certainly wouldn't give up but as to whether or not it would be advisable to do the same walk again....I don't know. I think I'd personally aim for a gentler one and gradually build up to the one you liked so much. It would be a lovely incentive then, wouldn't it? But, if in doubt, check it out with the professionals.

    And, good luck :D
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    The yoga and swimming are not weightbearing exercise and don't involve the sort of impact on joints that walking does, so I'd go with Sticky's suggestion of building up to it. You might also want to look into footwear - walking on hard surfaces without adequate cushioning won't make your joints happy!
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    Thank you both :)

    I really did enjoy the walking, It really did have a positive effect on my mood, and I felt a massive sense of achievement. - I know 3 miles isn't far, but it is for me :lol:

    I agree Daffy, I used to have terrible foot wear for the gym (a long time ago) and it crippled me.

    My trainers I have now were "approved" by my physiotherapist so I'm confident I have the correct ones. :):)
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    Hi Loo good to see you posting again . Mig
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    Sorry Lou i spelt your name wrong. Mig
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    Hi lou,
    I've always loved walking and 'country walks' were my main form of exercise pre-arthritis, plus the only hobby my husband also enjoyed. We always went for a walk every weekend, ending with a pub meal, sometimes with friends.
    Nowadays I find it more difficult, and i know i will be in more pain afterwards and increasingly stiff for a few days.
    However the pleasure i get from it, plus benefits to my mental health have to balance with this.
    Nowadays we only walk as far as I can manage (1-3 miles) and we plan flat routes without styles if possible.
    I wear Sketchers shape up trainers and strap my ankles with Rock Tape.
    I walk fairly slowly (often getting left behind!) and stop every now and then, doing my 'mindfulness' practice, admiring trees etc whilst I get a rest.
    Yesterday I walked 3 miles but it was far too much and today I'm very stiff and have increased pain. In retrospect I shouldn't have gone so far, but i enjoyed it at the time.
    I do find it easier walking on grass than pavements though.
    I wish i could stride along like i used to (I also used to run) but I try to remind myself that some people can't walk at all and to count my blessings.
    I think there is a case for 'use it or lose it' but within sensible guidelines...you probably should have started with 1 mile and worn better trainers!
    Good luck!