What a week!

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I think everything has just caught up with me this week, the new work load from AbleHere.co.uk, my husband being off due to no work and the fact my holiday is coming up fast now and I haven't started sorting my things out!
Yesterday I just felt awful, bad head and totally exhausted. I slept in for the first in god knows how long and even went back to bed a couple of hours after getting up and slept till mid afternoon and even when I got up I fell asleep on the settee! I couldn't do a thing! At least today I feel more with it.


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    Sorry to hear you are not so good but glad you were able to retire to your bed yesterday and feel better for it.

    I think we all have those days, perhaps we should invest in victorian chaise lounges and then we can recline on them in best victorian fashion, pale and interesting.
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    Sorry things are a struggle, sometimes rest is what we need, well done you for listening to your body! When I have those days I retire to my recliner chair in the living room so that I still feel part of the family, but can snooze at will.

    Hope the weekend is restful.

    Deb x
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    Glad you managed to catch up with some sleep Bubba and feel the benefit of it today. Hope you have a nice relaxing holiday :hammock: xx
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    Hope you get the holiday sorted, bubbadog, and glad you feel more on top of things today.
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