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So I have started swimming again, after a break of about 6 months.
Went swimming on Thursday night after work and swimming on Sunday morning.

Was totally fine on Thursday, but however yesterday (the day after).
I was in total agony in my upper thighs.

I am hoping that this is normal, giving the fact that I have haven't been swimming for nearly 6 months. I feel totally fine today.

I have RA. Any advise?



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    Upper thighs sounds more muscular than arthritis to me. I suspect you've just done too much too quickly. I hope easing yourself back into it gradually will result in a better outcome.
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    I did a lot of swimming while on holiday, having not swum for ages when our accessible pool closed. I felt achy at first after a swim, but soon got to the point where I could swim & not suffer afterwards.
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    After a very active life of more than 60 years, my o.a. is now so bad that the only exercise I can manage is swimming. Living in the tropics (lucky me!) I can swim virtually whenever I want - bar thunderstorms. Although I would like to return to the UK in my old age, I would not give up the ability to go swimming (while I still can). The warm salt water does appear to help, or maybe it's just psychological, and the safety of swimming with my aqua-jogging group, assisted by a waist flotation device and noodle, is ideal for developing confidence in the water. I cheat a little and only flap around without doing all the exercises!

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