Not a great weekend!!

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So was meant to be going to a Wedding Reception on Friday night.

I ended up in bed with severe Chest Pains, as well as having RA I also suffer from a condition called Costochondritis, which is a condition where your breast bone becomes inflamed, the symtoms are similar to having a heart attack!

I took my strong pain killers straight away and ended in bed for most of the night and most of the afternoon on Saturday.

On Sunday I woke up with a severe Mirgraine which lasted all day and again stayed in bed most of the day.

This morning, now that I am back in work, Mirgraine and Chest pains gone, although I still feeling a bit sick.

Why is it that things always happen at the weekends when you want to do something? but you are totally fine when you go to work?

Sorry to rant!


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    Sorry you had a horrible weekend, I can relate to the migraines I suffer horribly with them. And the fact they come with no warning and knock you flat is horrible. I can't relate to your other condition but having that with R.A must be horrendous. And to have it all when it's the weekend and your only free time must be so annoying. :roll: I've a flare up at the moment and it's the worst time for it to happen because I go on holiday in a fortnight and I'm trying to get things sorted out ready. I'm glad you are feeling a lot better today but understand why your so annoyed that it had to happen over the weekend.
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    I think it`s `S**`s law` that these things happen on a weekend. I`m sorry you had such a rotten one - I sometimes get costochondritis, and it`s not nice. I was scared stiff the first time it happened to me.

    Hope you feel better soon.
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    The first time Costochondritis, was whilst on holiday in Cornwall.
    I spent 2 days in Truro hospital.
    Not a holiday destination I would recommend! lol
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    oh Debra its sods sorry you had to miss the wedding but glad to see the pain has eased for you..long may it continue..