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How does your garden grow? When diagnosed with Arthritis, did you think your gardening days were over. Not so. I have adapted my garden - raised beds, benches with room under, vertical gardening and so on. If you want to see more, check out my blog on the Arthritis Care Scotland website: (Pam's Patch).
Now I am introducing Pam's Pantry with ideas to eat all your produce (never mind the Tesco's "Splinter Spinach" I read about in the healthy eating article earlier).


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    Hello Pam
    I have had my garden adapted the best I can and with OH help I can still enjoy it..but must say its still to big...I will have a look at your blog any tips greatly received... :bouncing-ball:
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    I used to enjoy having my own little 'patch' as a child but haven't gardened for years. I used to sow seeds in trays which Mr SW had kindly filled with compost for me, or had brought to me so that I could shovel some out on the garden table. I even managed to plant some bedding plants in a raised bed.

    Now I'm afraid the bed would have to be very raised indeed and, frankly, it's much easier for Mr SW to do everything himself than to enable me to 'help' him. I do a spot of choosing and directing then sit back with a glass of something nice and cold to admire the results of his efforts :cheers:

    (There's a gardening thread on Chit Chat if that's your thing.)
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    Hello All,
    Join in anyway you can, it's still gardening!
    Will have a peek at the gardening thread. :roll: