I'm Back

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Hi all well I've had a great 14 day Meditranean cruise :hammock: arrived back to Southampton on Sunday and spent one night in hotel and came home yesterday I'm now absolutely shattered but very relaxed. Arthur has been beaten into submission {if one can do that} with all the walking I've done and all the places and things we have seen on our shore trips at the places we have stopped at. and despite being seasick [even wearing travel bands on both wrists,] when we were in the Bay of Biscay on the way out [sea was very rough] I had a fantastic time and the only payback has been that I am now suffering a very painful left ankle when I walk which is ok when strapped up. I think it is payback well worth it. :bouncing-ball: :cheers: :deckchair: :splash: :swim-shark: oops sorry still in holiday mode he he
Stay positive always👍xx


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    So glad it went well and you enjoyed it,welcome back. Mig
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    No apology needed, Carol. It's lovely that the holiday mood lingers despite a spot of payback.

    I think the Bay of Biscay always had a bit of a reputation. At least you tackled it. I'm not at all sure I would.
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