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Hey all, I'm feeling quite good at the mo x I'm a teaching assistant and I'm full on all the time !! Which causes the pain to be intense and my condition to flare etc - so the holidays have been a godsend! I'm in much let pain because I'm going a lot slower and resting much more - which I guess is the name of the game! .

My consultant has suggest Pilates for a long time but only just got round to joining one tonight! I really enjoyed it so much although it was v hard work and painful at times I felt my body working ! I feel v invigorating x ( I'll probably ache Tomorrow tho :-( xx

Has anyone had any successes with Pilates ? Xx

Lynne xx :sunny:


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    I know it's recommended and I know others on here have done it - maybe so successfully that they don't need to post any more :lol:

    Keep at it and I hope it helps. Of course you're likely to feel it a bit at first but just go slowly and carefully and it should work.
    If at first you don't succeed, then skydiving definitely isn't for you.
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    Hello Lynne
    Pilates is brilliant for arthritis..I cant get down on the floor or the board at the min, so do the stretching in a chair..you keep it up but take it nice a slowly....much better than gym work..let us know how it goes from time to time...
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    Hi lynne, Pilates is great. it is recommended by my physio and Rheumy. It builds up the core muscles and the muscles around the joints. I used to go to classes myself until it got too difficult. I have invested in a cheap dvd for less than £2 and mat and continue to do exercises but in shorter sessions than the full hour that I would do in a class. So for example I do 10 -15 mins of pilates 4 times a day. I found when doing a full hour I was in so much pain after and it isn't always no pain no gain just be mindful of what your body tells you. Also at home I can avoid the moves I cannot do as I found when in the class I felt obliged to push myself and get down on the floor as everyone else was doing it (they didn't see me after the group unable to walk because of it!). Pushing yourself a little bit is good, it does feel good and exercise helps. We make a natural adrenaline when we exercises that makes us happy, our heart pumps faster and our muscles get a good work out as long as it is done correctly and the teacher of the group is aware of any health conditions and you stop if anything causes to much pain or discomfort. I am glad you have enjoyed the class, I know a few people with different medical conditions that swear by pilates xx becks
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    Pilates is very good for helping core strength and also enables better more effective breathing which in turn is relaxing. Something i have found interesting that the teacher said is that even if you just have the intention to move muscles, and can't actually move them more than a tiny amount, the messages are getting through to them. Success in Pilates seems to hinge on keeping up with practising, the exercises can seem repetitive and even a bit pointless, but over time they really do help to make a difference. I had some gynae problems (no need to go into too much detail) ... but I really think that Pilates prevented me from having to go for surgery. Shame it hasnt prevented the deterioration in my hip to the same degree but you can't have everything!