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hi, I'm not very used to forums but in the hope that I may get some honest advice so I have decided to write. I am male, 57, work in a manual job that requires a lot of movement, I also spend very little time in the UK. 3 years ago I had an arthroscopic op on my right knee due to 6 months of pain, after I was left in great pain, many injections later it eased off. 6 months ago my left knee started and has deteriorated rapidly, X-rays showed that the inside portion has almost no space, I can even feel bone on bone. And I am now travelling, my knee is huge and nothing I take seems to work.
I have been offered to have an op in Dubai, but here is the crunch, it's my choice of what, do I have both done although the right is now less painful ? The surgeon is keen to do only a partial replacement as the outside potion of my knee looks fine, however another surgeon has told me there is no such thing as a half worn joint and I should have a full.
I am frightened and confused, my living depends on my job, I would welcome anyone else's story. Santa002


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    Good Morning santa002

    A very big welcome to the forums from the moderating team. We’re the people to come to if you have any issues using the message boards.

    I am sorry to hear about your knee problems and can see you have an important decision to make. The members on here have lots of experience of arthritis and am sure they will be able to help.

    Best wishes

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    Hello Santa002. welcome to the forum ..
    I am not that clued up on knees but if you put a post in Living with atheritis about knee ops you should get some answeres..
    I would certainly do your homework, we did have one lady on here that had a patial knee replacment..only to go on and have a full knee...has she was still in pain..I do hope someone on here can offer some advice and I wish you well..
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    Hello Santa002 and welcome from me too. No wonder you're frightened and confused. You have some tricky decisions to make and so much depending on them.

    I've had three knee replacements and another probably looming but that's because I started with RA when I was 15. My first TKRs (Total Knee Replacements) were done in 1981. One of those was replaced in 2008(?) and its mate is now heading for the chop.

    Unfortunately, you'll find many people on here with bone on bone who still have to wait for replacement joints, usually because they are considered 'too young' in their 50s. I have no personal experience of either arthroscopies or partial knee replacements. I think I'd always go for the full TKR if offered as the others seem, usually, to be only temporary measures. However, if you put a thread up on the Living With Arthritis forum, you're more likely to get replies from those who have had them.

    Surgeons always have their own preferences. Having two opinions can be confusing. I also tend to be a bit suspicious of private practice as they have carte blanche to go for the most expensive option regardless.

    Any op, especially new joints, requires extensive physio and rest afterwards. There's no cutting corners or else the new joints just won't work. You sound under pressure to get back to your work asap but there is no driving at all for 6 weeks after a TKR and no long haul flights for 6 months (because of the increased danger of a blood clot) so how that would tie in with your work I don't know. Bearing that in mind, how would you get home if you had the op in Dubai? And what if there were post op problems? I've never had any but many do. I've always had the luxury of a family to help with chores so no pressure on me to recover quickly. I can just do as advised – rest, exercises, more rest and more exercises.

    'Helenbothknees' had, as her username implies, both knees done at once and has never looked back. If you'd like her opinion she might see a thread on LWA or you could PM her.

    I wish you luck in whatever you choose.
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    Thank you for kind words, I have re posted as suggested. Many many thanks.