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Hi all
I have RA, since diagnosis i have been on methotrexate and responding really well, however in recent days i am having serious foot pain and my psoriasis on my scalp has returned with avengence, does this mean my immune system has stepped up a knotch to beat the MTX?
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    I don't know if it means that, Pedz, this is one of the many joys of auto-immune arthritis. What dose of meth are you taking and is folic acid involved at any point during the week? My psoriasis is having a go at my scalp too despite my triple therapy and my joints are miserable but then they always are. When did you last have your bloods done? If that isn't for a while then it may be worth having them taken, they may show what's what. DD
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    I don't know what it means either but DD's right. Get your bloods done and, if there's no improvement in a week or two, I'd ring the rheumatology helpline for advice.
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    I'm not sure how long you've been on the MTX or the dose but I do know that, unfortunately, some people stop responding to medications and need an increase or a change. I am one of those people who initially respond well but medications that eventually stopped working after a year or so. That said, I seem to recall that it's not been a long time since you started MTX? You could be having a flare that may settle <fingers crossed>. However, I'd agree with my wise forum friends to speak to rheumatology and discuss with them about the next plan of action.

    Best of luck!