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My blood test results are back. I've been called in to speak about my Liver Function Test and my Full Blood Count. Both of those tests show something that has required me to discuss it with a Dr.

I've been suffering more now. Every joint in my body hurts except my elbow.

I've also got a tendon problem in my wrist. It's swollen and creaking when I move it, and very painful.

Any ideas on the blood tests?

Would an abnormal Liver function test show arthritis? I can't see any info on this, I just read that arthritis medications can make this high.


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    Hello Saabina and I don't think we have met so welcome to the forum..I am called back every time I have bloods done..liver is the only one that has been ok I wont be able to advise,but hope someone comes along soon ..inflammation markers might show up so this will say what type of arthritis you have..but id you are anything like me they cant make up there minds..good luck with the results
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    Hi Barbara

    Thanks for the reply. Yes, the Liver one is worrying me most!

    The other thing I've had over the years is Polycythemia levels rising. Is that common with arthritis, do you know?
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    hi Saabina , most of us on methotrexate for rheumation arthitis etc , have liver funtion test done every month , they check for inflamation in the liver ( ALT ) there are other liver test they can do but its nothing to do with arthritis

    we also have a Full Blood Count every month , this can show signs of arthritis / inflamation in the body & joints , realy best seeing your GP for the results & hope they give you something for your tendon problems
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    I doubt any of us can interpret your blood results but I hope it's something that can be easily dealt with. Maybe it's something to do with the polycythemia rather than the arthritis. I've not heard of it before. I do hope it can be resolved quickly. Please keep us informed.
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    If you are taking medication such as methotrexate or an anti TNF then the results with your liver show that it is unhappy. The liver and kidneys are the organs that process the meds out of the body, this is why we have regular tests because that can highlight potential trouble which can be dealt with before things become a problem. I've had liver readings as high as 650 but felt fine. That was caused by Enbrel so I came off that sharpish!

    Please let us know what the GP has to say. DD
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