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Reading the last comments on mine makes me wonder how much we can trust doctors :?
I have full access to my medical records online.

A few months ago I was put on morphine but after a while I decided it wasn't doing any good so thought what is the point taking it if its not doing any good?
I had been on codeine 15mg as needed but I usually just took 2 at night. Obviously had to come off that. So when I was coming off the morphine the idea was to put the codeine back on prescription.
The new repeat said codeine 15mg 2 boxes. That was exactly 2 a day and would leave me nothing to fall back on if necessary so I rang the surgery. A doctor who was on call rang me back and said he would add some more to the prescription.
I was ordering my prescription online last night and the codeine hadn't changed. I checked me medical records !!!!!!
He had written on them.......
"discussed codeine, used to take 2 x 15mg at night, prescription was PRN {occasionally more} then went onto morphine. Not doing any good so back to morphine.
Plan ......asking is she could have a few more each month for the occasional extra just in case"

Its the last bit that is annoying me.....sounds as if I'm asking for more morphine!!!!!!!
I have called the surgery this morning and he is the one on call again so waiting for another call back
It's not a serious mistake but it could have been a worse one and the person not have access to their records
What does anyone else think about that?
The bits in inverted commas are verbatim in case he edits its some way



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    I had a similar issue when I switched to Meth tablets from injections.
    They kept giving me the injections! When the GP had said tablets!

    One thing I started doing was keeping a medical diary.
    Just on a simple Word document.
    I would right each week out what what I took medicine wise and if I attended a GP or nurse appointment and what was said etc.

    Perhaps this would be a good idea for you that way, you can keep your own records as well?
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    Hi Debra
    Thanks for the might be a help.