Anyone with OA, CFS and FM ?

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Does anyone suffer from OA and has CFS and FM ? just wanted to chat to anyone who suffers from these conditions. It is difficult to exercise with the CFS due to exhaustion but wanted to know how you manage the OA with gentle exercise and what would that be ?


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    Hi. I've got OA and FM. I try to keep active about the house, but also go to a tai chi class once a week. I'm also hoping to begin an aqua class for arthritis next month, which is held at our local leisure centre.

    I do know what you mean about the fatigue as, occasionally, I've missed the tai chi when I've been feeling unwell, as even that was too much.

    Hope you find something that suits you.

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    I only have OA and RA but I doubt I'd still be able to walk without my daily exercises. Try looking here but it might be better for you to ask your GP to refer you to a physio who could give you an exercise programme tailored to your conditions. Good luck!
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    Hello Diamond2 I have just answered your post in hello, so welcome again from me, I am not sure what FM or CFS is ..but any exercise is better than someone else has said tai chi is good for the mind and body...there is seated zumba and all sorts of classes, and you can check the exercises on line