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Hello everyone

I am still being an ostrich re my knees. I need a full replacement of right knee but have been diagnosed with mild OA of left knee, with no soft tissue damage. HOWEVER the pain in left knee surpasses the right and my calf muscle is agony. There is no swelling, heat or redness but am unable to walk far or stand for long periods. Why is my calf so painful ? Is this common?

Thanks in advance. goiung for a hot bath now


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    Hi 23455

    I don't know the answer, but wonder whether you think it's possible that you are 'using' the left leg more than the right and unwittingly putting too much pressure on it??

    Hot baths are a great idea - so long as you can get back out ;)

    Toni xx
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    I agree with Frog, we over-compensate on our better side to ease the strain on our worse side so, in time, the better side isn't. Today my shoulders are twanging because I've been holding myself too rigidly thanks to all the other twangs that are going on, we can't help but tense ourselves because relaxing whilst in pain isn't an easy thing to do.

    I 'manage' my pain by taking four co-codamol per day, this leaves me room to up the dose and they take off sufficient an edge so I can get on and do things: by the same token an increase in pain levels is the sign to stop and have a rest. I hope things ease soon and you are able to go ahead with a new knee - they can make all the difference to the quality of life. DD
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