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Hullo all.

I've just started taking Methotrexate as well as folic acid.

I'm also still taking Naproxen as both my knees have very inflamed bursa...

Does anyone have any tips on reducing swelling?




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    Hi Mozzer

    putting ice pack on the area is good but no longer than 10 mins at a time any longer can cause tissue damage.

    take care
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    I'm afraid that's the only thing I could think of too.

    A pack of frozen peas is as good as anything but label it clearly to ensure you don't subsequently eat them. Also wrap them in a tea towel or something to protect your skin.

    I hope it helps a little. Unfortunately nothing much helps a lot.
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    My husband is currently taking Naproxen for a bout of gout and is finding it useless. I was taking it for a couple of years and had the same experience but when I was given some diclofenac instead that made a huge difference. The Husband was also on diclo but after the health scare he was changed (without his permission) to nap.

    It is true that very little helps to any great degree but I wonder if the nap is not cutting the bursitis mustard to a sufficient degree; has it worked for you before? DD
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    I would recommend getting your rhumy nurse to give you a steriod injection into the joint , they would drain it first & the knee can settle down afterwards