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Is a veggie diet a good or bad thing?

Am I missing out on helpful things?


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    I'm Veggie and I don't think I miss out on things.
    You can get protein from other sources than meat.
    Good luck
    Get yourself a book and have a read.
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    I am a veggie too & I don't think I am missing out on anything either.
    Lots of cook books on the subject or recipes online if you just want to try out a few.

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    I became a veggie about 25 years ago basically because I dislike meat and my joints seemed to feel better without it.

    All went well until about six years ago when, despite a healthy diet with plenty of iron, my regular blood tests (I'm on methotrexate) showed decreasing iron levels.

    My rheumatologist said that RA diminishes our iron levels as do the meds we take for it.

    My GP wanted to be sure and wanted to check for a bleed so I had an endoscopy (clear) followed by a colonoscopy (clear) followed by a barium enema because the colonoscopist couldn't get to the end of my colon. All was well. Last year the whole sequence started again with the same procedures and outcome.

    I've learned my lesson. I now keep an eye on my iron levels and eat a small amount of meat weekly.
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