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hi i am in my sixties and just over 2 yrs ago was diagnosed with a frozen right hip which is still troublesome after physio ( mostly aches ) anyway yesterday my doctor said i have some arthritis in my right knee and also the joints of right toes. i do keep fit, which the doctor has said to keep doing, but i also play, once a week, badminton. although we have been on a summer break but am due to restart next week. i just wondered as this is a demanding sport should i continue as recently it has left me with aching leg and my knee is always slightly swollen.

looking forward to any helpful responses


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    Welcome to the forum. I am sure you will find support, advice, light relief and friendship here.

    I am one of the moderation team, we all have one or more of the "arthritis hangers" on or care for a family member who has the same. If you have any problems with the technicalities of the forum, please private message us.

    Best wishes
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    Hello sheepy and welcome from me too. I'm sorry you've found yourself with arthritis but I'm sure your fitness levels will be an asset. However....badminton....I guess it's pretty demanding on knees with all the swift, turning movement. To be honest, I strongly suspect you'd be better off without it. The high impact stuff isn't good for arthritic joints but exercise itself – cycling, swimming, walking etc – is very good. Have a look here http://www.arthritiscare.org.uk/LivingwithArthritis/Self-management/exercise-and-arthritis
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    Hello, I agree with Sticky - exercise is a good thing to help keep our muscles stronger and more flexible but when toes, ankles, knees and hips are affected by osteoarthritis the lower the impact the better. I love racquet sports but they went by the board years ago thanks to my two sorts of arthritis.

    It may be worth investing in a walking pole, to be held in the hand opposite to the affected side: supports like this reduce the extra strain placed on the non-affected side which is always a good thing. I don 't think that osteo spreads as such but, because we naturally compensate, it can also begin to affect the better joints so if that can be avoided or delayed then that is a good thing.

    I hope you can find something to replace the badminton. DD
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    Hello and welcome to the Forum.

    I used to play tennis in winter and badminton in summer, but RA put a stop to that. I stick to low impact exercise now - mostly swimming, as it's far less damaging to joints.
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    Hi all many thanks for your input and I shall take it on board. The doctor did say 'a touch of arthritis' but don't want it to become worse. At moment it was affecting my frozen hip more by making it ache and me feel tired and miserable so need to find something else to do! This is a good site for help and info so thanks again :splash:
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    Hello and welcome,

    I used to play badminton but due to my OsteoArthritis I had to give it up. I now do some cycling (on a static exercise bike), swimming (when the pool at the gym is warm enough), and generally try to keep my joints moving.

    I have OA both knees (one partly replaced, the other needs a total replacement); left ankle (needs fusing) and my lumbar spine (I refused a fusion as odds of success not good enough for me). I was told it's important to keep muscles surrounding dodgy joints as strong as possible as they support said dodgy joints.

    It may be worth you checking with your GP and possibly discussing this with a physio.

    Hope you enjoy using the Forum. For me it's been a lifeline, and although I don't post every day I always look and see what's going on with Forum members every day.

    Take care,
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