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Hi all have not been on here for a few weeks now so have just been sitting here reading all your comment, although I don't often post I do look in every day so have quite missed it. after my cruise holiday at the end of July I thought all the problems I had had in the few months before with cooker computer breakdowns and waiting for return of moneys due to us due to wrong information we had been given. But well No not to be :cry: :roll: first during my holiday I my holiday I seemed to have done some damage to the Achilles tendon in my left foot (trust me) :lol: so have had a lot of problems with that then last week I had a huge lump on my elbow so went to doctors on Tuesday and he sent me to the hospital where I found myself admitted for intravenous antibiotics as I have an infected bursa was allowed home on Thursday with 2 weeks of oral antibiotics. but now back and looking at all your comments hope all of you are having better luck than me and are all keeping as well as you can be.


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    Carol, welcome back. Sorry to hear life hasn't been overly kind to you lately. Really hope that things are settling down a bit for you now.

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    Thank you Grace to be honest so do I have really had enough now problems with all sorts of things have been going wrong since the start of May so yes it would be nice for things to get better at least the tendon problem is getting less day by day and the infection is responding nicely to the antibiotics thank goodness. Hope you are as well as you can be. :D
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    So sorry things have been tough for you - hope things soon take a turn for the better.