I'm not easily shocked but.....

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..... I was yesterday at the sight of all those people leaving the burning BA jet in Las Vegas with their hand luggage.

This was a fire. Others could have suffocated while they were rescuing their precious cases, bags and laptops. The 'others' would have been the small children and the disabled as we are first on a plane and last off. That's fair enough as our lack of speed would hold others up in an emergency but I am not happy to die for the sake of someone's mobile or duty frees.

Also all shoes must be removed for an emergency shute exit lest they rip the shute. How much more likely to rip it are trolley wheels?

It has been suggested that the cabin crew should have a switch which would automatically lock overhead lockers in an emergency. Yes please. And another one to zap with indelible dye anyone trying to get into them :mrgreen:


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    This is just what i was saying watching it unfold..can you imagine trying to get past someone trying to retrieve there luggage.. :shock: they were lucky to get out alive..unlike some of the poor people in the Manchester one...
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    It does beggar belief, doesn't it, that some folk set such store on material possessions? You'd think getting out in one piece would matter more, never mind putting others at risk.
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    I couldn't believe it either Stickywicket. Opening those luggage compartments cause delay and obstruction at the best of times let alone when you have to flee for your life. Even my crutches would have had to stay behind!

    Elizabeth xx
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    Shocking! I very much like the idea of the overhead lockers locking automatically. That should work.

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