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Hi there
My name is Bex and I am new here ☺
I am a 41 year old lady with severe Osteoarthritis in both knees and I have been in a wheelchair for around 5 months. I was diagnosed in March after almost a year of chronic knee pain. I have virtually no cartilage on the inside of both knees.
I haven't been able to work since the beginning of March and initially I was very down about the whole situation.
Luckily, I have an amazing husband, great family and friends and have now come to terms with everything and the future looks brighter.
I am now trying to sort out my excess weight in the hope that eventually I may receive knee replacements (fingers crossed) but I am now also getting hip pain (not so good).
Anyway, hello everyone and I hope I get to know some of you ☺

Bex ☺


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    Hi Bexnkev,

    A very warm welcome to the forum on behalf of the moderation team. Osteoarthritis is one of my conditions so I can sympathise with the 'coming to terms' bit, it's amazing the difference supportive family and friends are, this is my 'other' family and the support on here is amazing too as you will find I'm sure :sunny:

    We are here to help if you have any problems with the forum, just send a message if you need help and one of us will be there!

    Take care
    Mod Yx
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    Thank you for the warm welcome Mod Y :D
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    Hi here Bex and welcome to the forum. It sounds as if you have a positive attitude which will be a great help for you as will your family and friends being on board. We always say that arthritis affects the whole family and not just the person with the diagnosis. I know it has in my own experience (I've had RA for many years) and caused some difficult times for my husband and sons too but I think it's also had its good effects on all of us.

    I'm sorry to learn you need a wheelchair. I use one when going for walks with the family and at airports but mostly I can manage without though I can't walk far. I do value what I can do though as muscles soon go lax and unsupportive without exercise (I do exercises every day too :roll: ) and that just means extra pain which I reckon I can do without :lol:

    If you're trying to lose weight (which will benefit your knees) have a look on Chit Chat where GraceB has just started at Slimming World and is telling us of her progress in a thread called 'Well, it's a start'. 'Turbogran' also lost a lot of weight and 'jillyb1' lost – I think – 5 stones despite being confined to a wheelchair. Very impressive.

    Right, well I'll be off now. Please do join in on any thread anywhere. Living With Arthritis and Chit Chat are where most people hang out. I'll look forward to seeing you around.
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    Hi, Welcome to the forum. There is lots of nice people on here and great tips and a good place to have a rant should you ever need it. I am 35 and have OA and other illnesses so I sympathise with you. The knees are painful when you have OA, it is a struggle!! I have had to also give up work in March this year and have been on my own journey of feeling down about it all ( I still have down days-but I say I am only human, it is understandable).

    Let us all know how you get on with everything

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    Thank you for the warm welcome Rebeccarockchick and sticky wicket.
    Sometimes it is just nice to know that you are not alone and that others do understand how you feel on a down day ... I am sure you will see me around the forum :D
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    Hello Bex I am a lot older at 65..I do feel for you younger ones having to deal with you I was diagnosed with OA in quite a few joints..coming to terms with things is really hard so glad you have such a lovely family and are getting there..I have had one hip replaced and really pleased with it..and there are quite a few people that have new knees on here...its a lovely forum for getting support and information off you jump in... :)
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    Hello, I empathise, it's not fun is it? I began aged 37 with an auto-immune arthritis and the joint damage that caused has led to osteo in both ankles, both knees and now my hips are joining in. I am bone-on-bone throughout both knees and have been for some time, I was refused new knees due to being too young (aged 52) and too fat. I am now three years older and lighter but due to the rest of me (around forty affected joints) I don't know if I can be bothered to go for them.

    I have a chair but it's only brought out on high days and holidays. I prefer to keep myself as mobile as possible so use crutches for shorter trips and a seated rollator for longer ones. I know I must walk to help my leg muscles, it's far too easy to lose muscle tone and strength which just makes things worse. Being nineteen years in I am used to pain and that has made things far easier to deal with. I am getting better at doing my exercises on a more regular basis (lack of sufficient movement led to Achilles tendonitis in both feet, plantar fasciitis in the right and three months of physiotherapy) and I am about to invest in a FitBit to encourage me to do more.

    If it's only in your knees then you stand a very good chance of having it dealt with but you will have to get into better shape for surgery. Losing weight is the obvious one but you will also help things by having better muscle strength - that will greatly aid your recovery. Losing weight is a challenge but I am sure you can rise to it. If you have a look on the Living with Arthritis board Barry2013 reported on his second knee replacement earlier this year (he's doing fine now) and Helenbothknees had both done at the same time and is revelling in a new lease of life.

    Right, it's time for me to go onwards and sideways! Breakfast and laundry beckon, followed by sorting out dinner. The fun never ends. :wink: I wish you well and hope you can become at least a little more mobile for yourself - it's important for self-esteem and morale. DD
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