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I am a newbe and just found this site , I am on painkillers and can,t walk far . some friends keep telling me I should walk all the time , but its agony sometimes and I just want to lie down so I hope I am now with people who have the same as me and my fears


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    Hi Coo,

    A warm welcome to the site from the Mod team. Pain is a big issue with most types of arthritis - as is exercise. I'm sure you will get lots of replies from the wonderful members of this forum. It can be a little quiet on the weekends - why don't you take a look at the different boards and see if there is a thread you would like to add a post too?

    We are here to help with any issues when using the site, we are around every day so send a message if you need anything

    Take care
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    Welcome to the forums.
    There is a happy medium between walking too far and sitting or lying to long :?
    Can I ask what is wrong {apart from pain} which we all have and have you had a proper diagnosis from the hospital.?
    I've got Osteo arthritis, scoliosis, spinal stenosis to name but a few :lol:
    I'm on crutches permanently
    I would say go back to your GP and if you haven't been referred to the hospital ask for a referral. If you have and got a definite diagnosis then tell the GP the pain killers {dullers lol} aren't working.
    There are lots of different tablets that you could be on. You just have to find the right ones. They may take the edge of the pain.
    Then there are all sorts of self managing ideas but let us know what you have {if you know}
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    Hello Coo and welcome from me too.

    Yes, unfortunately, we all understand about pain on here. I have RA and OA in most joints. Knees and hips have been replaced. My rheumatologist deals with the RA and my GP with the OA.

    As Hileena says, it's all about getting the balance right. Pain is always going to be there for us but exercise too is essential as, without it, the muscles weaken and, if our sore joints are not well-supported by their muscles, they become more painful. These two links might help.

    Mind you, we do need to keep talking to those who truly understand how difficult it is to live with daily pain so come along and join us on Living With Arthritis. It really does help.
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    Hello, it's nice to meet you but I am sorry you have had to find us. I began with an auto-immune arthritis in 1997 and the joint damage that caused has led to OA (diagnosed in 2011) in both ankles, both knees and now my hips are joining the creaky party. There is not much to be done about the pain, it is part-and-parcel of the condition and we have to learn to get on with things regardless - but not to the point of causing ourselves further harm which is one of the major skills in living with arthritis lies. :wink:

    I admit that things became easier for me when I could no longer remember bits of me being pain-free. I prefer to keep my pain relief to the minimum because I find its feedback useful, it tells me I should stop and rest before carrying on with whatever I am doing. Sitting around too much is just as damaging to not moving around enough, we have to keep our muscles going, maintaining their strength and flexibility as much as possible because they help to support our wonky joints - it's a malarkey and a half, no doubt about that.

    I am reliant on walking aids when out and about, I cannot do without my rollator for longer distances or crutches for shorter. These help to ease the strain on my leg joints and help me to achieve more. Every step hurts but that is immaterial, 'tis the nature of the beast and I am used to it now. Of course pain is frightening and debilitating but the more we pay attention to it the stronger it appears to be - our friends and family often don't understand the concept of living with constant pain because for them it works as it should, an alarm system telling them that something is amiss. In response they go to the docs or the dentist and lo! They get better and the pain goes. :) For us it does not. :(

    All of us on here are in similar boats, we deal with things in different ways but we can all empathise with the challenge that being in pain brings. Some have been to pain clinics and found them of use, has this been offered to you? I think your GP can refer you. I hope you find the forum to be of interest, we will support you in any way we can. I wish you well. DD
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