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Had a follow up with my rheumy nurse yesterday. Liver function is still up so it was either move onto the Methotrexate injections or add Sulphasalazine to my medication list. I opted for the extra pills rather than the needles (such a big wimp!). However, rheumy nurse said she expects they'll spike my liver function further which means coming off them and moving onto the next step which is apparently Anti-TNF treatment. Which I don't have a clue about. Anyone have any experience with it?


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    I've never had anti tnfs but there's some info here http://www.arthritiscare.org.uk/PublicationsandResources/Arthritisbasics in the RA booklet. Also Arthritis Research UK have some good info on it but the site seems to be down right now.
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    Sorry I cant help, but just want to wish you well with the next step,fingers crossed for you...
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    I started off an methotrexate and sulphasalazine but didn't really help so went on to anti TNF Humira combined with methotrexate. This worked really well and RA was much better controlled. Didn't really have any side effects either and injections really easy to do yourself.
    Was on this for about seven years without any problems before developed intolerance to the methotrexate but anti TNF certainly worked well for me.
    Happy to answer any specific questions you have if I can.
    If this is rights meds for you hope also gives you good results
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    I began on sulph many moons ago and have tried many other meds in addition. I hope you can find the mix that works for you and sooner rather than later: I hope I recall correctly that you are in the early years so things may well work out better for you - I hope so. DD
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    Thank you for the info on anti tnf. I don't think the sulphasalazine is the one for me. I've had incredible sickness and headaches with it to the point I have been utterly useless for my 6 year old (his dad has gone on holiday
    for the week - charming!).

    I'm sure I'll have more questions regarding anti tnf treatment when the time comes.

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