Phone call out the blue.

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Literally 5 minutes ago I had a phone call from the community Physiotherapist saying she had received a referral from Coventry University Hospital for them to come and assess how I'm getting on since my falls, I thought fine but no one had mentioned anything to me about Physiotherapy! And then she said 'I have a cancelation at 12.30pm if that will be alright for you so I can pop round then.' I was so shocked and surprised I said fine. Then she asked ' Do you need any aids at home? I could bring something with me if you need it?' I had a short think, no I said. 'See you at 12.30 then' she said. I sat gob smacked for a minute. So yes I have a Physiotherapy assessment this afternoon and I thought I had a quiet week this week!!


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    Hope it goes well, good old NHS!!!
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    Hope all goes well .Mig
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    I agree with dibdab. Sometimes the NHS really does come up trumps. I hope it goes well.
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    Sometimes things work as we would wish but they always take us by surprise. I hope the visit is a positive one and that practical help can be secured. DD
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    Well the Physiotherapist came and assessed me but due to my current flare up things weren't great. The area of the spine that has the compressed disk is still very sore to touch, my walking is getting better with the frame. She said due to my current flare and the bunion operation coming up she feels physiotherapy wouldn't be of help to me. So she left me her contact number. But it was helpful to know what area's are more painful than others!
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    Good for you bubba...but sorry you are having a flare, but hopefully soon you will be able to have her back...its worth its weight in gold if they are good..especially coming to your home..
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    What a great service Bubbadog!!

    I am very impressed :)

    Sensible physio too and I am pleased you have her number for the future too.


    Toni xxx