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I'm in my mid 60s and retired and live on my own.

I have OA in my hip(s) - very bad in one as I have hip dysplasia (or I'm half a socket short of a full hip joint) :D

Also have it in my knees and upper spine for sure and have compressed vertebrae in my lower spine, and all manner of other things that come with (in my case a too early) ageing process and having to use crutches all the time.

I'm pretty sure I have something developing in my hands and feet now, and my shoulders sometime seem to try and rip themselves out.

I found your forum as a result of someone suggesting looking for online help with my condition because I'm now one of those being moved from DLA to PIP.

I knew it was coming at some point, but it's all been a bit of a shock as to how fast and 'immediate' it is the moment you make the first phone call.

Anyway, I've had a read of some of the threads already and have found some good advice already, but am still very wobbly about it all because I have so little time to get any 'evidence'.

Was last seen nearly two years ago by the consultant but no date for the op which was supposed to have been "urgent", and my GP is a bit of a "take the pain pills" type.

I am going to try and push for some medical evidence but it's not going to be up to date.

As the system has been changed so radically, if I lose my higher rate of mobility, I'll be totally devastated because I have no way of getting out and about unless I can afford to pay for taxis and they eat most of my mobility allowance as it is.

Stress is so bad for us as it just seems to make things far worse than we realised at the time.

But, I'm really glad I found this website because whilst I wouldn't wish the pain and disability on anyone, is such a relief to see others who are in the same boat, have the same problems developing and have to cope in the same way.

So, thank you.


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    Welcome to Arthritis Care Forums Gracefully from the moderation team

    As mods we are here to help with any problems you may have on the message boards.

    There are lots of lovely people here with a wide range of experiences with arthritis and the problems of living with the condition. Just join in wherever you like you will be made very welcome.

    I look forward to seeing you posting on the boards.

    Best wishes
    from Modonfriday
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    Hello Gracefully (what a lovely username!) and welcome to the forum.

    I love your little quip about the hip dysplasia. Humour does help, doesn't it?

    I have RA in most joints. Hips and knees have been replaced.

    I'm sure you're not the only one who worries about the transfer from DLA to PIP. I managed to avoid it by being slightly older than you. The one good thing is that, since the change from ATOS to whoever is doing the assessments now, the news on the forum does seem more optimistic. If you look on the benefits and Working Matters forum 'NNIF' has a detailed thread about a 'Successful PIP claim' which might be of interest.

    As you have higher rate mobility have you considered using it to lease either a car or a mobility scooter from Motability? I had a car for years from them. I've sometimes wondered about a scooter although I have been advised not to because of my disabilities.

    You are right that stress is bad for arthritis and also that it's good to talk to others in the same boat. Please join in anywhere on the forums and I'm sure you'll find a friendly welcome.
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    Welcome to the forums Gracefully from me too :)

    I am sorry you had to come and find us but glad you have. we are a friendly bunch here and will support all we can.

    I know what you mean about evidence. Hopefully you can cobble some together. I would definitely visit your GP if you can soon so that he remembers who you are and your mobility issues.

    I have known some people loose out because their GP doesn't really know them. :?

    If you are offered a face to face assessment make sure you take someone with you too for support.

    Anyway I hope you'll join in with us


    Toni xx
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    Hello Gracefully and a warm welcome from me
    Sorry you have had to look for us in the first place , but good you have come here, its such a good forum for support and info..I am a bit like you only Im 65 but I have had one hip replaced..and going to have the other done..I hope to see your name around the forum.. :)
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    Hello, it's nice to meet you but I am sorry you have had to find us. I am a little younger than you but have similar troubles with reduced mobility thanks to two kinds of arthritis affecting some very useful leg joints. I use crutches for shorter journeys but if a longer trip is planned then I use my rollator - that is a boon. I have one with a seat and an L-shape design, this means that I have a better posture for walking because I stand between the wheels rather than walking slightly behind them (as is the case with the traditional square models).

    I was given crutches after my first knee synovectomy and my then physio made it clear that they were for balance and stability, not for resting my full body weight on them which stresses the hands, wrists and shoulders. It can be very easy to get into bad habits with crutches, I tell myself off if I find myself leaning too hard! Regarding the move from DLA to PIP I will be facing this at some point but what will be will be. There is no doubt that the system has been open to abuse and been abused for far too long but as usual the genuine will pay the 'price' of this tightening - most exasperating!

    I hope the find the forum to be of interest, we are all in very similar boats and understand all too well the challenges and frustrations of our various conditions. I wish you well. DD
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