Busy Busy week ahead

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I have one busy week ahead with medical appts .

1. Tomorrow back to hospital to have ultrasound on elbow after the infection.
2. Tuesday to different hospital for blood test to see if my blood salt levels
have come back up so that I can go back on my water tablet.
3. Friday I have doctors to see results of blood test and what comes next
with the tablets. :roll:

Oh well at least I can't say I'm bored this week. :lol:
Stay positive always👍xx


  • Slosh
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    Hope all goes well.
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    Good luck with them all Carol..I will jump in your pocket...
  • GraceB
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    Blimey - you'll meet yourself coming back the other way with all this going on.

    Hope you get on okay with all of these appointments.

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  • stickywicket
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    Good luck, Carol. I hope it all goes well. At least you'll be all done and dusted then.
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