Anyone else suffer nausea and sickness from pain?

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This is a new one for me, I've had AS for 10+ years now and I can say I'm used to all sorts of pain, but recently my pain has been giving me really bad nausea and on occasions actually making me vomit. At first I assumed it might be something to do with recent surgery or possibly something like low iron so I saw my gp, had blood tests and an examination. Follow up appointment bloods are all "normal" for me and they think it's down to pain?

I've been given anti sickness tablets to try for 2 weeks, so far they seem to be helping slightly but now I find I'm falling asleep every hour of the day. seems odd to me for this to suddenly come on


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    Yes I've had various conditions for many years and its only recently the the pain has been so bad its causing nausea. Not vomiting but nausea. Horrible

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    I think we can, at times, become so worn down by what our bodies continue to throw at us that we lose our resistance. I find that during a flare the tiredness makes me nauseous, and (at any time) during the small hours of the morning pain breakthrough can have the same effect. The latter I can reason 'away' and distract myself but the former is harder to deal with.

    You have been having a very rough time of it lately so this doesn't surprise me. I hope the anti-emetics help to make things at least a little easier for you. DD
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    I think just being worn out is part of it, and serious lack of appetite is probably not a good start without having to deal with pain.

    The anti sickness tablets do seem to be helping more now that I've been taking them regular for a couple of days and I find just letting myself fall to sleep during any hours of the day also helps somewhat. Just wish they had some sort of medication that could give me some energy!
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    I don't have AS but I have experienced sickness and nausea from another painful health condition/s but not experienced this myself with OA.

    are you taking codein I wonder?

    NHS Direct mention that codeine may cause nausea and vomiting:

    Hope you are feeling better soon.
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    Many of the medications we are given work better if taken on a regular basis. In the same way that it takes time for problems to build it also takes time to for things to be ameliorated. Once the nausea is under better control then you may be able to stop the anti-emetics: I hope so.

    Regarding sleep, we are conditioned to think that the dark hours are the 'right' time to do it but I for one cannot see anything wrong in nodding off during the brighter hours. I find a short nap during the day far more rejuvenating (and I use that word in its loosest sense) than a longer snooze at night. DD
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    Pain can certainly make us feel sick or nauseous. The most obvious instance is when we bang an elbow. You don't need to have arthritis to feel sick then (but it helps :wink: )

    I've not had this for some time but, yes, I've had it. You've been dreadfully under the cosh for some time now so no wonder. I hope the anti-emetics helps.

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