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My daughter has just come home in a brand new car having had driving lessons and passed her test without a word to anyone ,IM SPEECHLESS .Mig


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    I think that`s the best way, Mig - stay under the radar until you pass. Congrats to your daughter, and I hope she enjoys happy motoring.
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    What? :? CRIKEY. :shock: Please pass on my very best wishes for her new life as a driver, I hope she enjoys it as much as I do. DD
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    Congratulations to your daughter
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    That's double congrats, passing her driving test and owner of a new car. :)
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    How exciting for her. I know a lot of people who don't say when their driving test is, but hiding all the driving lessons and the purchase of a new car is some secret to keep!

    Hope you get a lift from her soon. Now you need to try not to worry when she's out and about but I'm sure she'll be sensible with you as her Mum.

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