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I didn't lose any weight this last week. I didn't put any on though so it could have been worse! As per usual I'll plod on. I so badly need to see that first figure change and to know I'm only 3.5lbs away from doing this is so frustrating.

Oh, did any of you happen to see the bus that has, within the last 24 or so hours, hypothetically run me over? I do hope it wasn't the Forum Bus going out on a jolly!

The few bits of me that don't usually ache are doing so with gusto and it appears I have an absolute stinker of a cold coming out. My throat feels like a rasp has been down it, my head feels full with congestion and my nose is rapidly getting redder by the moment. The sneezing started tonight. Wonderful. :| The effervescent Vitamin C is already being consumed and I'm drinking loads. Thankfully I'm finished work for the week.

My flu jab was 10 days ago so I don't think for one moment the cold is linked to that as I'm sure it would have appeared before this. I blame my workplace as several colleagues have had colds lately.

Not a good day.



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    Never mind, Grace - you have done really well so far, and at least you haven`t put any weight back on.

    I do hope your rotten cold runs its course quickly and you feel better soon.
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    Grace you poor thing :(

    Sorry you didn't loose this week - hopefully you will do well next week. Well done for not giving up :)

    Leaving you some p023.gif


    Toni xxx
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    It will go, Grace, just not as quickly as you'd like. Don't be discouraged. You're doing well overall.
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    You will do it Grace..sorry you are suffering..this make it hard to concentrate on what you eat and exercise of course..but yes you plod on..
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    Just wanted to say thanks for the replies. Not been at all good the last couple of days - this bug is really taking it out of me. The coughing and sneezing fits aren't helping my lower back and as I'm not moving around as I usually do, my left (still natural but completely knackered!) knee is now playing up as well. That's all I need.

    I'm still feeling that rough I'm not going into work tomorrow but will have another day resting and aim to get back to work on Tuesday. I hate giving in but even I have my limits.

    In the meantime, however, I've been doing my best to stick with the SW diet plan. Whether or not I lose any weight this week will show on Wednesday, all I can do is hope for the best.

    Take care and thanks again.