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Hi everyone,

I've been a member of these boards many years ago, I've had quite a rough time lately health wise, I'm awake alot at night at the mo. (it's currently 4.30am! :-/) and I've been thinking for a while it might be good to make contact with people who have a shared understanding of similar challenges.

So, a brief summary of me! :-) I've had JIA for thirty odd years, I'm now 33, I work part time in mental health care. I have iritis, glaucoma, and fibromyalgia along with the arthritis.
I love alternative music, good books and good food :-)

I've had a challenging year or so, lots of flares, surgery, lots of changes in my meds, problems with side effects, infections from being immune suppressed, and I guess I've been feeling quite isolated at times due to the fact I live on my own, and being out of action so often, so not doing as much or seeing friends and family that much.
My family and friends are great in terms of what they're able to do to support me, but it's still tough at times when you're on your own so much, dealing with the latest hurdles. I imagine that alot of people on here can relate.

I look forward to chatting to some of you :-)


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    Hi PetiteN,

    Great to meet you, but sorry you are struggling just now. You are right though, this is a great place to find help and understanding, fun and companionship too!

    If you feel able take a peep at the different threads and join in right away, you will be made very welcome :P

    We mods are here to help you with any forum problems, just send us a message

    Take care
    Mod Yx
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    Hello PetiteN

    Welcome from me!

    Lovely to meet you or maybe see you again ;) I wonder what your username was back then.

    Sounds as though you have had a really rough time of late and have to agree some support from 'them as understand' is a good idea :)

    You know the ropes so hope to see you posting here and there soon.


    Toni xxx
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    Hello PetiteN and welcome (back) from me too :)

    You must have been just a toddler when diagnosed and it sounds as if you've run the gamut of meds and side effects yet still manage to work and live independently. Wow! I'm impressed. I was diagnosed aged 15, over 50 years ago, but I live with my husband and haven't done paid work since our first son was born.

    It's always good to chat to those who understand. It doesn't have to be gloomy chat. We have a few laughs, especially on Chit Chat – where there is also a Book Club thread. We did, once, have a recipes thread but not for some time. (That reminds me I'm out for lunch today :D )

    I hope you'll join in wherever you wish and enjoy being with us.
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    Hello from a fellow arthritic, it's lovely to meet you and I think you have done the right thing in finding us again because we are the ones who 'get it' and understand the variety of challenges that present themselves in addition to the obvious.

    I am older than you and have only been affected for nineteen years, I have two kinds of arthritis plus fibro. I'm feeling a tad below par today after the flu jab yesterday so won't be around for long but I know the weekends can be quiet and I wanted to acknowledge your post. I hope to see your name here and there around the boards. DD
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    Thankyou for the replies everyone, nice to meet you :-)

    Yes, I was diagnosed at about 2 and a half, so I guess I do know the ropes a bit :-)

    Thanks for acknowledging my post, I think one of the hardest things I find when I'm in pain and wide awake for hours like last night is feeling quite alone.
    So I'm very tired today but I'm seeing my two year old niece this afternoon however, she always makes me smile!

    I hope you're all having an ok weekend?
    I'm loving the sunshine,

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    Hello and a very warm welcome - I've never regretted joining the forum and I hope you'll enjoy it too. As you say, we all 'get' how you feel. Things must have been tough for you, being diagnosed at such a young age. I'm a lot older, and retired now, so I admire your tenacity at still holding down a job.

    I hope you keep posting. I'm sure your little niece will have brought joy - children can be a real tonic. Having said that, we've spent the day with our young - and very energetic - grandsons, so tired tonight.

    Take care,

    Tezz x

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