Joan Rivers Autopsy Channel 5

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Did anyone watch the programme on Joan Rivers Autopsy on Channel 5 last night? I usually watch the autopsy programme of famous people because I find it interesting because a lot of them it's just shear abuse of drugs and drinks but last night it was shocking. It was pretty much shear medical negligence. I hope her daughter sues the pants off the doctors involved.


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    I've never heard of this programme but I'd guess her daughter has already made a mint out of her mother's death by flogging the autopsy rites to TV.
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    Yes we watched it open mouthed. Myself and my wife are retired nurses.
    We couldn't believe the neglect shown in that clinic. Immediately the oxygen went below 95 they should have initiated a Tracheostomy, that
    would have saved her life. To bundle her in an ambulance to another hospital wasted 19 minutes and of course she was as good as brain dead
    when they put her on life support.
    It was disgusting that a clinic should employ such poor people who are
    not capable of following protocol.
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    I didnt see it, but how awful and sad that they could have saved her life.I really do feel for her daughter knowing all this..
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    flogging the autopsy rites to TV.
    Was that a slip Sticky? I've not seen the programme but assumed that one doesn't actually see the autopsy....
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    No you don't see the autopsy, a professional Dr has the autopsy report and they reconstruct the last days of her life to try and understand why the person in this case Joan Rivers died. It is very interesting and as Rondetto said shocking at the neglect given to Joan Rivers in what should have been a simple endoscopy.