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Hi all,Thanks for missing me but I've been a tad busy,i had some money for my birthday in sept which i spent at the garden centre on heathers ,lavenders and some ornamental grasses which i have been planting up in tubs and boxes ,i can only do a bit at a time as whatever is causing the kidney probs gives me a bit of pain if i do too much.Scan is 30th oct i shall be asking for pocket duties.
We went to Blackpool last week-end to see the illuminations with a local coach company and stayed over night though the lights were lovely I'm afraid blackpool didn't entertain me at all.Well thats it for this year no more trips away but we are going to our eldest sons for xmas.Mig


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    Hello and welcome back,

    I'm pleased you are delighted with your purchases, let's hope you get to enjoy your heathers and plants throughout next year as a happy reminder of the gift you were given.

    I saw Blackpool lights years ago but from a walking perspective, on a pony and trap and then from the tram. (We thought we'd do all three options! and this was before my "OA Days" so I was okay with walking).

    Please remind us nearer the time about your scan, I for one, would be happy to support you.

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    Glad you Like the Illuminations Mig . I live just down the road from Blackpool in Fleetwood . We tend to go every year with the boys as they love them. Unfortunately we have not been yet this year and i don't think that i will thanks to my OA , but the Husband is taking the boys sometime this week , we usually ride through them on our Bikes.

    Blackpool itself is a bit like Marmite you either love it or you hate it .. :)
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    It wasn't so much blackpool but the hotel we stayed in it was horrible,it must have been magnificent in its heyday but now the very fabric of the hotel is crumbling away,I'm glad we only stayed one night. Mig
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    That is sad mig isn't it? Beautiful hotels in disrepair :( I bet the up-keep is huge.

    Still at least YOU are ok.

    Good idea getting heathers and the like with your gift hopefully they will be glorious next year.

    Glad you are ok though and I think I am available for pocket duties on 30th


    Toni xxx
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    Mig you are right about Blackpool..we used to go regular when the boys were young..I do like what they have done with the front..I am told even the illuminations aren't has goo this year..cutbacks I take it easy planting the pots up..I have kidney disease and there are lots of foods to eat and not to eat on the net..hope the scan goes ok..
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    Hello Mig
    you will remember the day you bought the heathers more than your stay in Blackpool.
    we used to go there for a fortnight at a time that was a long time ago.
    I will be in your pocket on the 30'th.
    sorry about all your pain
    joan xx

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